Bunekesa Yungana Women Group

Community Based Training (CBT) is an extended arm of BRDC into the community. A training takes place in the community. The project targets vulnerable women, vulnerable youths and children. it identifies the poorest households using a certain criteria for better results and therefore when 15-20 women come together with a common understanding and objective to form a group called Self-Help Group (SHG). The group is then trained in the Self-Help Group concept of working together, savings and credit management, leadership and communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution, business skills, child rights advocacy and lobbing. In the end SHG members work together towards own development and empowerment.

Vulnerable youths. When the SGHs mature and are 8-10 in number, they form a cluster called Cluster Level Association (CLA) that works for the development of the entire community including youths.

The project works hand in hand with the CLAs to identify the vulnerable youths (those school dropouts) for training. The trainings depend on the needs of a particular community. They also depend on the market available from within the community e.g. sweater netting, motorcycle repair, poultry vaccination, etc. The youths are then trained in the above selected skills and practice to earn income on a monthly basis.

The project gives the capacity of the mothers/guardians to be able to provide the basic needs of their children which include uniforms, scholastic materials, food and clothing.